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[Back]Metallurgy system and the typical spare parts

Spare parts Introduction

      My company's business involving the various regions of the country's big, in, small iron and steel plant, the company set up more than 10 years of cooperation of the iron and steel industry amounted to more than 60 customers, for iron and steel development made outstanding contributions, our staff be trained with regularity, with professional knowledge, active service users, regularly visit, for users to pre after service.

      The main agent of the brand:

      Metallurgical industry brand:

      Metallurgical industry used brands:

      Metallurgical industry commonly used products:
      SMS bearings, TOYO motor and inverter, AC motor frequency motor, brake, lips sealed, help controller, diaphragm pump, valve, cylinder, liquid level transmitter, inverter, control valve, throttle valve, reducer, relay, actuator, portfolio guide, guide, brake, strip, fluorine rubber seal, finishing roll, drive assembly, the swash plate copper tile, back plate, filter, filter body.
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