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Brand Introduction

    Established in Bologna in 1978 TOPPY S.r.l. began as a producer of machines and trucks for the graphic industry. Since then, others fields of application have been found where Toppy has been functional. The most significant fields are:
    - Graphic
    - Pharmaceutical
    - Food industry
    - Cosmetics
    Constant growth in technology and output has enabled TOPPY to establish its position amongst the Italian leaders in the materials handling sector. The Toppy range has been continuously expanding and upgrading to satisfy the market and the customers' varied needs.TOPPY supplies pallet turning and pallet changing machines, wihch can be both mobile and stationary. Toppy also supplies pallet trucks, reel lifting machines and logistic systems.
    Our vision
    Market change, it is continuosly in progress. The variety of products need great flexibility and great know-how but, at the same time, efficency and low cost. Toppy must suit to times which require more creativity, new ideas, new technologies and new processes. We have to be able to bear these requests with complete systems and solutions on demand.
    Our goal
    Our aim is to manage the main market trends and convert them into products and services suitable for market needs. Toppy Srl in cooperation with commercial partners and due to the human and professional skills of our staff, wants to be a more active and dynamic protagonist of the market in order to meet all inquiries with systems and solutions on demand.
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