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Brand Introduction

    Grundfos group
    Pump products
    Grundfos is the world leader in one pump, its annual production capacity of nearly 16000000 every year. For heating and air conditioning systems for industrial, circulating pump, water supply and sewage treatment of centrifugal pump and the metering pump is the main product. Today, Grundfos is the world's largest production factory circulating pump, this pump products covered about 50% of the world market.
    In addition to pump, Grundfos pumps products also produces the necessary motor, and to adapt to different business needs significant numbers of motor production. In addition, Grundfos pumps also produces products and pump system control devices in advanced electronic equipment. At the same time, the company also launched new products BioBooster and NoNox.
    Scope of application
    Circulating pump are used such as family, office and hotel buildings such as the construction of heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. Industrial pumps are mainly used to include factory processes and facilities maintenance, as well as a variety of OEM ( original equipment manufacturer ) equipment. In the water supply and sewage, Grundfos series high reliability of multiple pump can be used for irrigation, such as gardening, golf course, municipal engineering, domestic and industrial water supply, sewage treatment and other aspects. Grundfos also produced in water treatment and its related fields for the metering action pump.
    Certificate of quality
    In 1989, our company has become the world's first company was awarded the international ISO9001 standard quality certificate of pump manufacturers. In 1991, the German company Grundfos also passed this standard quality system certification, in a few years later, some other Grundfos also has obtained the certificate.
    Grundfos production company has passed ISO9002 quality assurance system.
    A certificate of environmental protection
    Grundfos all production company was awarded the ISO14001 and EC EMAS (the latter only for companies in Europe ) to the international environmental protection standard certificate. Several other companies, including the Danish production company, has been passed to the working environment and develop ISO18001 standard certification.
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